I'm Brandon.  I'm a 30 something-year-old guy from Georgia.  I have an amazing wife, great friends and an awesome community.  Each morning I wake up excited because I get to tell stories for a living. 

Some of those stories I even get to make up and tell to kids.  It's a pretty fun life when your biggest problem is figuring out how a dinosaur would play ping pong.

My Story

I accidently built a bomb and blew a hole in my parents front yard  (Want to see it?  Watch here).

I have always loved making things, ever since I was a kid.  The above explosion was the result of a failed experiment I had in making my own rocket engines.  You know, to go into rockets... because that's normal.

As a kid I really wanted to become an astronaut.  I dreamed of flying through space and going on an amazing adventure.  Then I got to college and majored in rocket science.  It turns out you have to know a lot of math, and be really good at it.

I didn't, and I wasn't.

But I still loved making things, especially when they were used to tell great stories.  After I graduated I kept gravitating towards jobs and projects where I had to tell a story.  Whether it was through words, video, on stage or with pictures; I loved the process of creating an experience people would be pulled into.

Looking back it wasn't just space that made me want to be an astronaut, it was the story I get to tell and the people I would take with me

So Why Children's Books?

Do you remember what it was like to open a picture book...  the characters, the stories, the people you loved that read them to you?  What were your favorites?   Where the Wild Things Are, Dr Seuss, The Giving Tree....

Mine was A Fish Out of Water, I would sit with my grandmother and we would read it over and over again.  I would always hope they would stop feeding the fish so much but each time he would get bigger and bigger.  When I see that book now it's more than just a story to me, it's the memory of how the pages felt, how the book smelled and when my grandmother was still with us.  

Picture books have a way to travel through time.  Even now when I go to the book store with my wife we always wind up in the children's section seeing what new stories we can lose ourselves into.  We are transported to new worlds and meet new characters.  Sometimes we are transported back into time to when we first read the book and other times we meet something new.

So I decided to write one.  But I didn't want to do it alone.

The best part of children's books has been the people I enjoy the story with.  So for my very first book I decided I wanted to include as many people as possible in the story telling process.  Over 5 months, I sent surveys asking people to decide what would happen next in the story.  By the end of the process over 200 people had contributed to my first book: Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur.

You can check out the full story here.

And then something crazy happened, the book launched and people started to read the story and tell me what they thought should happen next...

This little corner of the interwebs exists to help tell those stories of what happens next.  I would love it YOU would join me in making those stories happen.

You can help me create my next book and get a free copy, just let me know where to send my next survey below!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you in my next story!

- Brandon