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Who are the greatest astronauts

of all time?

I grew up wanting to be an astronaut.

I even got a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

But then I learned how much math I would need to become an astronaut.

.....I'm not that great at math.

So I turned to my other love, drawing and kids books.



Here is where you come in.

I want to create a children's book that tells the amazing stories of space exploration and the people that did it.   Click the Google Doc link below to submit your suggestions for the greatest moments in space exploration and the people that did them.  

My current plan is to include 25 astro/cosmonauts and I would love your thoughts and suggestions on who should be included.


Even though we are picking specific astronauts we really know it takes an entire team at mission control.

I would love you on my team at mission control for this project.

 I will be creating this book over the next several months and would love for your input and thoughts.  In addition I will be sending out a free electronic copy once its complete.  

Join Mission Control!