WE WOuld Love to have you on...

The Art of Show is an audio podcast and Youtube show featuring creators of words and pictures for kids.  From picture book illustrators and authors to cartoonists and animators we would love to feature you on the show!

We are launching this Fall and would love to feature you to our growing audience and promote any upcoming books or projects!

Great...now What?

Use the link below to pick a time that works best with your schedule.  Our interviews are roughly 30 minutes.

I've got a question?

  • How long does an interview typically last?    
    • Each interview lasts roughly 30 minutes.
  • How will we talk to each other?    
    • The interview will be over Skype, if you don't have Skype feel free to let us know.
  • Can I promote a book?  
    •  Sure!  In fact we would love to host a giveaway to our audience to spread the word as far as possible.  Just let us know the best we can purchase one (especially if it is signed!)
  • When will my show go live?   
    • We are currently recording episodes and plan to launch our first season in mid to late October 2016.

Feel Free to Contact Us

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Brandon Cullum at brandon[AT]brandoncullum[DOT]com or on his cell 706-310-6053.