Want to know a question I love to ask people.

What was your favorite children's book?

Everyone has a favorite and it is always fun to get a glimpse into a person's childhood, all because of a book.  Over the past year, I have been asking everyone I could find what their favorite children's book is.  I've started to put a list together and am sharing it below.  This list is split into two sections.  

  1. Favorite books of people you might know, from children's book authors, illustrators and even the creator of Dilbert.  
  2. Favorite books from readers just like you!  

Did I miss your favorite?  Let me know here!

Section 1:  Famous Folks

Hand, Hand, Fingers Toes

Recommended by: Seth Godin  ||  New York Times Bestseller

Where the Wild Things Are

Recommended by: Dave Mottram  ||  Awesome Illustrator!


Section 2: My Readers (The Real Famous Ones!)

The following are suggestions from my readers.  I would love to add yours to the list, go here to let me know.

What about you?  Let me know your favorite below!

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