Do you remember what it was like to open a picture book...  the characters, the stories, the people you loved that read them to you?  What were your favorites?   Where the Wild Things Are, Dr Seuss, The Giving Tree....

Mine was A Fish Out of Water, I would sit with my grandmother and we would read it over and over again.  I would always hope they would stop feeding the fish so much but each time he would get bigger and bigger.  When I see that book now it's more than just a story to me, it's the memory of how the pages felt, how the book smelled and when my grandmother was still with us.  

Picture books have a way to travel through time.  Even now when I go to the book store with my wife we always wind up in the children's section seeing what new stories we can lose ourselves into.  We are transported to new worlds and meet new characters.  Sometimes we are transported back into time to when we first read the book and other times we meet something new.

Let's Make Something New

I'm working on my first picture book and need your help.  You don't have to be an awesome writer or illustrator you just need to have an imagination.

Every few weeks I will send out a survey asking you to vote on what should happen next in the story, this will be coming straight to your inbox and is just for those who sign up!  Then I'll take the results, throw them into the mix and create the story and illustrations about what you want.  It's like a choose your own adventure book that we all take part in.  I'm currently working on my first book right now, be sure to sign up above to get access to the current voting survey!