Survey Timeline

Below is the complete timeline as well as questions I asked for all of the survey's I sent out for Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur.  I have also included the number of people who took each survey to give you an idea of how my audience ebbed and flowed throughout the process.


 11/25/15  Choose Your Own Adventure  |  38 Responses

4/10/15 Color and Name  |  17 Responses

4/13/15  Name the Dinosaur  |  21 Responses

4/22/15  Travel Through Time |  15 Responses

4/29/15  New Dinosaur  |  21 Responses

5/6/15  Game as a Boy  |  15 Responses

5/13/15  Features  |  16 Responses

5/20/15  Favorite Book  |  22 Responses

5/27/15  Velociraptor Name  |  28 Responses

6/3/15  Velociraptor Name #2  |  41 Responses

6/17/15  Activity Pages  |  27 Responses

6/25/15  Bully Name  |  37 Responses

7/1/15  Bully Name #2  |  35 Responses

7/15/15  City Run  |  25 Responses

7/30/15  City Run #2  |  24 Responses

8/6/15  Girl Name |  24 Responses

8/13/15  Girl Name #2  |  41 Responses

8/19/15  Book Name  |  8 Responses

8/31/15  Book Name #2  |  30 Responses

9/2/15  Book Cover  | 150+ Responses

This survey I actually posted to several Facebook group for Children's Books as well as a Kindle Publishing.  People would vote for their favorite and I would follow up with a direct message asking if they would like a free advance copy.  This was a HUGE push right before launch that helped me get downloads and reviews fast.


A few notes on this process:

  • I Tried to create survey once a week.
  • Many survey's I would ask people to fill in a response for a name.  Then the next week I would take all the entries and ask people to vote on their favorites.
  • I would embed the survey's on my own site (like the one you took earlier).  The page always remained the same, but I would update the survey link each week.  This allowed me to keep all of my auto direct links through my emails and social media to not go out of date.  

And The Results Are

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