Hey guys!  First of thanks for clicking that link to get more information on how you can share the word about my new book: Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur!

Did you know that the success of a rocket launch really depends on the support crew on the ground?  In fact they are THE most important thing....

Alfred is about to launch of the ground and you are sitting in at mission control.  It's all systems go.  

Lets launch.


Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur is LIVE in Amazon and the book is being given away from free starting Sept 13th through Sept. 15th.   These three days are key to the books initially success.


I would love if you could do 2 things for me.

1. Share the Book

You can also share the book is just 1 click at the links below:

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Make sure to keep scrolling down for the 2 way you can help!


2. Leave a Review

Once you have read through the book I would love if you could leave an Amazon review.   This is huge for a new book and especially important for a brand new author!  I would love to hear your honest opinion, so let me know what you think!


And lastly I would love to have you part of our launch team if you aren't already.  You can join our private Facebook group that will give you an inside look to the launch of this book!  Go here to join!