Learning to draw on an iPad Pro

Over Christmas I got the chance to pick up an iPad Pro and Apple pencil.  They have SO MUCH fun to use as I'm working on illustrations for my next kids books.  Here is a video walking you through a time-lapse of what the process looks like.

I'm looking forward to diving deep into digital painting with this thing this year!

Also I'm planning on putting more videos like these out over on my YouTube channel.  Be sure and subscribe to get notified when the next one comes out!

Alphabet Book Challenge

So Here Is The Deal.

My very first children's book took from March to September of 2015 to create.  I liked the product and loved the process even more.  

The only problem is I want to create a lot more books and I know I wasted a ton of time.

So my next book I want to create in HALF the time.  The plan is to launch by by 30th birthday, April 10th, 2016.  

The following is one big post that I will be updating frequently ...be sure and check back often!

Meet Vinny - Update Part 6

Meet the next character in our story: Vinny the Velociraptor.  

Thanks to everyone who voted, we nearly had 40+ people casting a vote to pick their favorite name.  You can check out the full results below.  

In other news Vinny made a cameo in a certain summer blockbuster, I thought his acting performance was much better than Chris Pratt.

Name the Velociraptor

We are adding a new character to the book and need your help deciding on his name.  Here is how it works 


  1. Dream up the best name you can think of enter in the survey at the bottom of this post.
  2. After 7 days (June 3rd)  I will send out an update to my email list to vote on the best name.
  3. Our brand new dinosaur gets illustrated into the story!

ENTRIES ARE CLOSED REsults Announced Soon!



The First 3 Pages - Update Part 5

It's a few weeks since my last update and we've been hard at work turning the finished story into illustrations.  Over the past few weeks the amazing people who have signed up to help tell this story have been voting on some great new things to add to the book (I'd love for you to be on the list, you can sign up below).

And the results are:

First 3 Pages

And here are the first 3 pages of the book.  I'm still playing around with the background and the text  (especially with it being hand written, I might have to get my wife to write....my hand written is pretty bad).  

Now if you like what you see and want to get involved with helping me tell the story then you can sign up at the bottom of this post.  Each week I'll send a new survey straight to your inbox and you get decide what happens next!

The story is complete! - Part 5

The overall story for my very first children's book is complete!  There are still some big areas where people are voting on to determine what happens next so be sure to sign up below to be included in the list that gets our exclusive survey's.  

When I set out to write the book it took a little while to land on how exactly I would tell it.  Would I write in paragraphs or use just a few short sentences?  1st person or 3rd person, is there a narrator or is it all dialogue?   With so many choices there is real power in putting limits on things.  So how could I help myself and put limits on this story?  Just like when we were kids, sometimes the best answer comes in a Dr. Suess Book:

How many unique words are in Green Eggs and Ham?

It turns out there are 50.  Dr. Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess) was given a challenge by his publisher to write his next book using only 50 words.  Dr. Seuss did that and Green Eggs and Ham went on to be his most successful book and currently ranks as one of the top 5 selling children's books of all time.  Last year the University of California put out a great quick video about his process:

 So inspired by Dr. Seuss I didn't but limit on the words that I would use but I did decide that the story should rhyme.  This actually helped with the entire writing process because it forced me into a certain structure.  Here is a sneak peak into the first 5 pages:

There once was a dinosaur named Alfred
He was scary and mean, the other dinosaurs said.
He would roam around the land, looking for those to play
A very special game that he was playing this very day.

In the distance he saw the Triceratops named “Tri”
He snuck up behind her, hiding behind a bush nearby.
“ROAR”, Alfred yelled with all of is might.
Terrified, Tri ran, till she was out of sight.

Rolling on the ground, Alfred laughed with joy
He had been playing this game, since he was a little boy.
Rain or shine
Sleet or Snow
Alfred would play with every single dinosaur
He had come to know.

Now dinosaurs are very similar to me and you.
They don’t like games that are fun for one
But not two
You see more and more and more
this game Alfred would play.
More and more and more
Alfred’s friends went away.

Great Scott, I Can Travel Through Time - Part 4

Say hi to Alred!  It was a tight race but our hero (the blue dinosaur) now will have a bit of a English butler feel.  Thanks to everyone that has voted and joined along in the adventure.

I'm currently in the process of mapping out the general story and plan on illustrating some pages starting next week.  As I've played around with making this, one of the things I have wanted from the very beginning was the ability for the story to be interactive and on the iPad.  I've come across some pretty cool technology that is going to let me do that.  Not only will you see words on the page but you will also be able to interact with the story by touching different sections.  Check out a quick example below (right now this will look a little weird on a mobile device)

In addition to animations I will also be able to add sound effects and voice overs, so look out for future survey's asking you to record your best T-Rex roar.

Speaking of survey's,  the next one is exclusively for those who have signed up to be apart of this adventure.  If you haven't signed up you can sign up at the link at the bottom of this post.

For this round we are voting on where Alfred is going to time travel too.  

Always wanted to see a dinosaur in next to the Great Pyramids of Egypt or stomping around the London Eye?  Check out our current results (voting is now closed, see the final results below!)

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My name is...Part 3

Thanks to everyone that voted on the color of our dinosaur.  We had a lot of votes and I appreciate you taking the time.  We also had some great name suggestions and the next step is for you to vote on your favorite name below.  

There are some pretty cool updates to come so be sure to check back to this site, I will be updating it every week with new polls and new progress.  Without further ado the winning color is (be sure to hit play).

Try to get that song out of your head.  Moving forward our hero is going to be blue!

Please vote below on your favorite name (voting is now closed view the results below).

One last thing, you would be me a huge favor to help spread the word about this project.  The more people I get involved early on the better the finished book will be.  Just click here to send a tweet.  Or feel free to forward this page to your friends.

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What's in a name - Part 2

Hey everybody, I've started marking progress back towards the book and have the main character designed... but he needs a couple things.  Please make your choice(s) below:

This poll is now closed, you can check out the results below.  Be sure to check for more recent updates by clicking here to take part in the next part of the story.

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Join the Adventure - Part 1

Thanks to the 33 of you that took part in the initial survey to start our journey!  I'll be working hard in the coming days to create our hero and illustrate the first few pages of our story.  I will also be sending out a new survey to help decide what happens next.  Be sure to Sign Up to get updates and new questions sent directly to you.

Our story will be about

  • Dinosaur
  • Who can time travel
  • That is scared of people
  • Who is trying to overcome an enemy

Check out the full breakdown below.