My name is...Part 3

Thanks to everyone that voted on the color of our dinosaur.  We had a lot of votes and I appreciate you taking the time.  We also had some great name suggestions and the next step is for you to vote on your favorite name below.  

There are some pretty cool updates to come so be sure to check back to this site, I will be updating it every week with new polls and new progress.  Without further ado the winning color is (be sure to hit play).

Try to get that song out of your head.  Moving forward our hero is going to be blue!

Please vote below on your favorite name (voting is now closed view the results below).

One last thing, you would be me a huge favor to help spread the word about this project.  The more people I get involved early on the better the finished book will be.  Just click here to send a tweet.  Or feel free to forward this page to your friends.

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