Great Scott, I Can Travel Through Time - Part 4

Say hi to Alred!  It was a tight race but our hero (the blue dinosaur) now will have a bit of a English butler feel.  Thanks to everyone that has voted and joined along in the adventure.

I'm currently in the process of mapping out the general story and plan on illustrating some pages starting next week.  As I've played around with making this, one of the things I have wanted from the very beginning was the ability for the story to be interactive and on the iPad.  I've come across some pretty cool technology that is going to let me do that.  Not only will you see words on the page but you will also be able to interact with the story by touching different sections.  Check out a quick example below (right now this will look a little weird on a mobile device)

In addition to animations I will also be able to add sound effects and voice overs, so look out for future survey's asking you to record your best T-Rex roar.

Speaking of survey's,  the next one is exclusively for those who have signed up to be apart of this adventure.  If you haven't signed up you can sign up at the link at the bottom of this post.

For this round we are voting on where Alfred is going to time travel too.  

Always wanted to see a dinosaur in next to the Great Pyramids of Egypt or stomping around the London Eye?  Check out our current results (voting is now closed, see the final results below!)

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