What is the Title of our Adventure?

They say not to judge a book by it's cover but if we were honest that is something we all do.  One of the biggest parts of the cover is the title of the book.  We are getting closer and closer to the finish of Alfred's first adventure and need your help to decide what we should call it!

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Pages 1-2

There once was a dinosaur named Alfred.

He was scary and mean, the other dinosaurs said.

He would roam around the land, looking for someone to play

A very special game that he was playing that very day.


In the distance he saw the Triceratops named Tri.

He snuck up behind her, hiding besides a bush nearby.


Pages 3-4

“ROAR”, Alfred yelled with all of his might.

Terrified, Tri ran, till she was out of sight.


Rolling on the ground, Alfred laughed with joy

He had been playing this game since he was a little boy.

Rain or Shine

Sleet or Snow

Alfred would play with every single dinosaur

He had come to know.


Now dinosaurs are very similar to me and you.

They don’t like games that are fun for one

But not for two.

You see more and more and more

this game Alfred would play,

More and more and more

Alfred’s friends went away.


Pages 5-6

It was the very next day 

that Alfred was ready to play.

Vinny the Velociraptor headed Alfred’s way.


Alfred took a deep breath, with all of his might.

"This would be a great scare", thought Alfred.

I will give him a great fright.


As Alfred got ready to let out his mighty roar,

His tail raised higher and higher 

Until he couldn’t move it anymore.


Above branch one and close to branch three,

Alfred’s tail had gotten stuck inside of a tree!


Pages 7-8

“Help!” yelled Alfred, “I’m stuck in a tree!"

“My tail won’t move, I can’t get it free!”

Vinny took one look, but didn’t stop.

He knew who Alfred was, and a friend he was not.


“No one likes you”, Vinny said

"No one likes you at all."

“Every day you scare us, whether we're tiny or tall.”

“I hope you get help”,  Vinny said as he walked away.

“But not from me

and not today.”


Pages 9-10

Alfred pulled and pulled as tears filled his eyes.

His tail wouldn’t budge and he began to cry.

With one last pull there was a crack at the top, 

“I don’t have any friends”, thought Alfred.  

And then a loud POP.


Alfred stumbled back until the ground was not.

In the air

Down he went

Landing in an open spot.


"Where am I?"

Thought Alfred, "Where could I be?"

Then he saw it, in the distance:

A huge, glowing tree.


Pages 11-12

“What is this?” thought Alfred.

This tree is strange.

"Could there be a dinosaur inside?" Alfred hoped.

"I could be their friend, I could change."


Alfred took one step inside and everything went black.

His head was up, then down,

His feet front then back.


And then the world stopped spinning

And Alfred stopped his crazy ride.

Then he heard a strange sound

Coming from outside. 


Pages 13-14

Alfred stepped into the light and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Dinosaurs everywhere and they weren’t running at all!

Alfred ran to the one that was closest to him.

“Hi," he said, “Is your name Tim?"


But Tim didn’t move, he stared straight ahead.

“Hey,” Alfred got louder

"Why are you ignoring me?",  Alfred said.


And the dinosaur that might be Tim

Didn’t budge one inch.

Angry, Alfred lunged,

But Tim didn’t event flinch.


Pages 15-16

Alfred went to all the other dinosaurs,

But they were exactly the same

“What is going on?”,  Alfred said

“I don’t even know your name.”


“Hey," someone shouted from across the way.

"This exhibit is lame, this is a waste of our day."


Alfred looked into the distance

And couldn’t believe what he saw.

There stood the strangest looking dinosaur

Standing only 5 feet 2 inches tall.


It was red and blue

With a green top on its head.

“And look at that one, it’s so fake” The tiny dinosaur said.


Pages 17-18

He looked at Alfred and quickly came near.

“This one looks like a toy,” he said with a sneer.

Alfred was too stunned to move

Not sure what to say.

And then he decided,

This little dinosaur would pay.


Alfred shot across room

As fast as his legs would go.

He roared and showed his teeth.

They were as white as snow.


The little dinosaur blinked:

One, two, three, four.

Then he laughed and said,

“Told you he was fake,

Come on, where’s the door?”


Pages 19-20

Again and again, strange little dinosaurs came inside.

Again and again they laughed,

And Alfred began to cry.

“No one likes me,” he said,  “Not a single one.”

“I’m leaving this place, back to where I’m from."


Alfred turned to face the strange glowing tree.

Except it was gone, from the place it should be.

In the distance was another light 

That he walked through.

Little did Alfred know,

He had just entered the New York City Zoo.


Pages 21-22

Tiny dinosaurs everywhere!

All walking around.

They were everywhere, everywhere!

Covering the ground.


Alfred ran as fast as he could.

Terrified! Hiding behind bushes along the way.

He dodged people, then cars, then a taxi.

Hiding behind a window, called "Sorbet."


He ran from the city as fast as he could,

Until he stumbled into a place called West Creek Neighborhood. 

“Ruff, Ruff” barked the dog, protecting his backyard.

Alfred screamed and fell back, hitting a tree really hard.


Pages 23-24

“Who is there?” said a tiny dinosaur.

“Who could it be?”

“Why don’t you come out from behind that big tree?”


Alfred couldn't move, he was stuck once again.

She moved closer, grabbed his tail and pulled.

One, Two, Three, Four....Ten!


Alfred’s tail was free but he wasn’t sure what to do.

"Is she going to laugh at me?  Like all the other ones too?"


The girl reached out her hand and waited for Alfred to respond.

“My name is 'Chloe' and I’m pretty strong.”

Alfred reached his hand to meet hers and shook up and down.

A friend, finally, he had found!


Pages 25-26

Alfred and Chloe the became best of friends

He would help her see really far, 

And she would help him write with pens. 


They had many adventures together

As they explored her neighborhood.

Alfred learned what friends shouldn’t do.

And what they should.


Sometimes Alfred would get mad, and try to scare the kids next door.

But Chloe would stop him, “You shouldn’t do that anymore.”

Alfred learned to be a friend

And to do things friends do.

Most importantly, Alfred learned 

It’s more fun if a game isn’t for one, but for two. 


Pages 27-28

And then one day, as they were playing next to Davidson & Co.

Chloe said, “How will you get back, where will you go?”

Alfred stood for a minute not sure what to do.

Then Alfred pointed towards the big city 

And the New York City Zoo.


“This will be a great adventure,” said Chloe.

“We are best friends,

the best there could ever be.”

Alfred nodded and said,

“We sure are,

"Let's just stay away from the trees!”